Sunday Mornings

10:30am Family Service

We meet together for approximately one and a half hours for a service that includes singing, Bible reading, prayer, Bible teaching and Communion. All ages stay together for approximately 35 minutes after which there is a time of Bible teaching for adults and groups for young people up to and including School Year 13. All ages come back together again towards the end of the service to share in Communion. Sunday's teaching content is generally discussed further in home groups during the week.

  • A Creche room is available throughout the service.

  • Usually,  refreshments are served in the coffee lounge after the service but until full pandemic restrictions are lifted, no refreshments will be served.

  • If people want to socialise after the service then they will need to do so in the car park until government guidelines allow us to socialise on mass indoors.

Sunday Evenings

For the time being we are not holding evening services either online or at the church building.

Messy Church

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Every SECOND Sunday of the month. A great family time with something for all ages. Includes crafts and play, singing and a short bible story ending with a hot meal.

Sunday Mornings - If you want to join the Family Service on Zoom then please use this link:

John Gardner
David Shepherd
Being a Disciple
Chosen by Jesus – the Twelve Apostles Luke 6:12-16
David Shepherd
Jonathan Wright
Being a Disciple
Sent out by Jesus Mark 6:6b-13
Andrew Dean
Nic Oliver
Being a Disciple
Jesus provides – Philip and Andrew John 6:1-15
John Gardner
Andrew Dean
Being a Disciple
Betraying Jesus – Judas and Peter Mark 14:10-11, 43-46, 66-72
Ian Fleming
David Shepherd
Being a Disciple
Jesus makes it all OK – Thomas